Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Showers bring.... OLD NAVY'S BEST TEES!

Ahhh Spring.  What a great time of year.  It means sunny days, beautiful flowers starting to bloom, and temperatures perfect for Tees!  And what a coincidence that thanks to yet another opportunity from Crowdtap and Old Navy, it also means FREE OLD NAVY TEES!

My favorite piece of mail to receive!
Old Navy Women's Best Tees Sample and Share!

As soon as I got the Sample and Share coupons in the mail, it was on to FaceBook to find out which of my friends would jump at the chance for free stuff.  I think I need to start having a Sample and Share raffle because EVERYONE jumps at these kind of chances.

I was joined again by my friend Elizabeth, who joined me on the Old Navy dress excursion.  I think we had a bit more fun with the tees.  Plus, it was a WAY better selection for both of our styles this time around.  Cue U2's Beautiful Day and let's get on with the Spring Time Tee adventure!

Let's start our search for the Best Tees by scoping out the Perfect Tees & Henleys and...

the Vintage V-neck selection.

Soooooo many choices, what to try first?  So, we grabbed a variety of shades and styles and heading to the dressing rooms for some model quality runway-like action.

Elizabeth feeling sunny and free
in a bright yellow Henley
Rocking the Henley/Tami combo
in Bawlmer Orioles colors  
 Best Baseball tee calls for a Best Baseball pose.
             Batter Up!

Elizabeth is feeling the power of a pink Vintage V-neck Tee, after finding a more perfect fitting size

Hmmm... these stripes look rather nice

Wait?  Am I seeing Double?!?!
I guess two great minds thing alike when considering the Best Tees!

Same tee, different ways to wear it:
By itself or layered with another vintage vneck


Feeling a little Blue in our Baseball tees... not available from the rack in our sizes


We're not twins, but we have some sort of twin-sync when it comes to Best Tees


Here's a recap of my Best Tee Choices (btw - it was a hard decision)
Vintage V-necks that layer
perfectly with a white v-neck
Henleys paired with a comfy Tami

Batter Up with Baseball tees

And the finalists of the Old Navy Best Tee Search......

*special thanks to the Modelquins for helping with the final decisions

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