Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Monster Bowl Celebration

OMG!!  Did you hear?!?  The Battymore Ravens won the Super Monster Bowl!  We have to celebrate!

Hi There!  Mavis here! 
After my most favorite Monster Team won the Super Monster Bowl, and my favorite player, Ray L. Beastis, announced his retirement, I convinced Dad to have a little shindig here at the Hotel Transylvania!

It was great!  There were great snacks, FANtastic friends, and we did a little Lie In Movie screening.

The Monster Bowl trophy (The Zombardy Trophy) was in the hotel. 
 It was such an honor to have it in our presence.

The menu was superb, just like always. Dad only hires the best chefs in all of Transylvania.
Monster Brain pizza
Ghoul Eye Ball Pops
Mini Mummy Dogs
Well, that Ghoul eye could work.
I don't think it's time for
a transplant though.
Enjoying the delicious snack
in the company of the
Zombardy Trophy
"I'm not too sure about these
Ghoul eye pops.  They keep
eying me up."

Special thanks to Delilah for acting as both
security and fire chief for the event.
We've never felt safer.

The Lie-In Screening...
complete with blankets and pillows.
Lacey thought is was a Drive-In, though.

"No paparazzi!"
It wouldn't be an official screening
if the paparazzi didn't arrive.
Lacey handled them well, though.

I always enjoy entertaining here at the Hotel Transylvania. Thanks so much to the FANtastic friends who came and celebrated with us.