Sunday, March 3, 2013

Call Me Maybe.... on my Windows 8x by HTC

Hey I just met you, and... this is crazy.  But here's my number, so call me maybe.... on my Windows 8x by HTC!!

Meet, the Windows 8x by HTC.  It's sleek, slim, easy to use, and in the best color ever (what I refer to as Night Terror Blue)!  How else can you truly  find out just how cool this phone is, unless you take a test run on it?  So, thanks to Crowdtap and Verizon, we had a reason to have a party and play with new technology!

What is there to know about the Windows 8x?  PLENTY! 

Of course, it's running the Windows 8 OS.  That's obvious with a first glance at the Live Tiles start screen.  These are customizable to represent you.  I'm running an Windows 8 laptop, so it was a pretty easy transition to the Windows 8x phone.  How do you customize your start screen?  Easy. You pin your favorite apps or friends to instantly see the latest updates.

Main Camera... great pose Indy
There are 2 cameras, the main camera and the front camera. The main camera is 8 megapixels with auto focus, LED flash and a BSI sensor to help in low light.  The front camera, perfect for those self portraits, features a 2.1 megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera. 
front camera... super cool self portrait

It runs Beats Audio?  You mean the same Beats Audio created by Dr. Dre and has all those cool headphones.  Sah-weeet!  Not that I've ever used my phone as my primary MP3 player, but I've never had one with Beats Audio either.  I'm down with having some tunes stored on my phone if it will give the sound justice.

The sleek slim design is  a bit of improvement on my current smart phone.  I mean... look... my LG looks HUGE and bulky compared to the HTC Windows 8x.  I carry my phone in my pocket.... so the HTC would definitely fit a little more comfortable than my current phone. 

Kid's Corner for well.... kids.  My 3 year old definitely like to play games on my phone. And of course I have to go through methods to ensure a certain little head isn't making crazy calls, or downloading thousands of dollars of app or in-app purchases when I think he's innocently playing Super Why or Angry Birds.  Kid's Corner, takes out some of the hassle.  I create an environment safe and secure for my littlehead to happily play in his own games and apps, without worrying what else he has stumbled into.  My only issue... has to do with apps that have ads that when clicked, open a browser even in Kid's Corner. Now, it does prevent any real browsing like entering a web address, but it's surprising just how far some simple clicks within a webpage can navigate to somewhere not so preferable.  

Meanwhile... back at the Call My Maybe party....

We can't be expected to test out new technology on empty stomachs.  So, we had plenty of hunger reducing apps... no downloads required.  Live Tile cake pops gave everyone a tasty sense of what can be customized in Live Tiles. And these super tasty rice treat HTCs were available in many of the HTC color schemes!
Live Tile Cake Pops
More Live Tile Cake Pops

edible HTCs

mmmm....Live Tiles....

hello?  hello?  what's up with this...oh...

And what's a party without games!  We created our own version of Live Tile during the "Meet My Windows Phone" Pinterest Challenge.  What a great way to get to know more about your friends?  You can check out ours on the Call Me Maybe Pinterest Page.   Here's a little preview:

We had a great time getting to know the Windows 8x.  And, of course, no one left empty handed!  
Welcome to the Verizon Insiders!