Sunday, April 28, 2013

Woolite Washed - Tested and Approved

I've always heard about this Woolite, but never thought it was for me and my families' laundry.  I always had the thought that Woolite was best for delicates, but Woolite has been making the push to let everyone know that Woolite is for all the clothes you love: your favorite jeans, a special tee, or a great sweater.

So, I received my Woolite Sample and Share (thanks to Crowdtap) and got a little excited about trying Woolite for the first time.  BONUS!!  I received other samples to share with friends!  Woolite totes that it "helps protect the clothes you love by not causing fading, shrinking and stretching."  Okay, sounds good.

Off to the laundry pile to find some great qualifiers for the Woolite challenge.  And I found some good ones from both my husband's and my pile, and our almost 4 year old's pile:

Hubby's Photography shirt needed for an upcoming job.
He wears this a lot, so it needs to stay looking like new.

Just a nice shirt worn by an almost 4 year old.
These clothes just have to last the adventures
of preschool and the playground.

This hoody is VERY special.
Grandpa brought this from his trip to Italy.
It would be a bit difficult to replace.
It's Daddy's shirt now, but if it's still in great shape
I can wear it when I get bigger!

And it's personalized with  my derby name.
A Super important shirt...
Charm City Roller Girls!
Worn a lot over the past 3 years...

Another item from the Roller Derby collection...
My team track jacket

A pair of super cute jeans that I'd love to
keep looking like new as long as possible.
Dress pants - His and Hers...
Much needed for business-type activities.

In goes the Woolite.
Let's see how it works!

An hour or so later, the freshly laundered clothes came out of the washer.  The first thing I noticed was the scent.  It was fresh and clean.... just like the description says.  I practically sniffed each piece of clothing as it got transferred from the washer to the dryer.  I would have taken a picture, but I was too busy huffing the fresh scent.

The end result... the clothes came out great.  Not only did they smell fantastic, Woolite seemed to make even more over-worn Charm City Roller Girls shirt seem closer to what it was when it was brand new.  Gone were the little fuzzy balls that occurred over time of constant wear.  Even my jeans came out soft.  Usually, freshly washed jeans are kind of stiff and not comfortable.  I couldn't wait to get them back on after this wash.  My husband's photography shirt was ready to go for a full day event and survived all the running and stress.   Thumbs up for Woolite in this house!  Thanks Woolite and Crowdtap for the opportunity to try something new, and find a winner.

Now, if only Woolite can take care of the bigger messes....

What my other samplers had to say about their Woolite Samples:

Renee: "I was really happy with the results of using Woolite. It was honestly the first time I tried it. The girls clothes and our own came out with a nice and fresh feeling. I too thought Woolite was for special items only. Thanks to Mindy for sharing the sample!!"

Nicole: "I used my sample to wash my son's khaki pants that had grass stains on them. I used a stain remover in addition to the Woolite and the tough stains mostly vanished! The pants were soft and smelled fresh, but not with overpowering fragrance. Good stuff!"

Elizabeth: "I thought the woolight wasnt bad, I bought some new shirts (i always wash first) and the color seemed to be the same. Normally when I wash clothes they look a shade lighter."

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Showers bring.... OLD NAVY'S BEST TEES!

Ahhh Spring.  What a great time of year.  It means sunny days, beautiful flowers starting to bloom, and temperatures perfect for Tees!  And what a coincidence that thanks to yet another opportunity from Crowdtap and Old Navy, it also means FREE OLD NAVY TEES!

My favorite piece of mail to receive!
Old Navy Women's Best Tees Sample and Share!

As soon as I got the Sample and Share coupons in the mail, it was on to FaceBook to find out which of my friends would jump at the chance for free stuff.  I think I need to start having a Sample and Share raffle because EVERYONE jumps at these kind of chances.

I was joined again by my friend Elizabeth, who joined me on the Old Navy dress excursion.  I think we had a bit more fun with the tees.  Plus, it was a WAY better selection for both of our styles this time around.  Cue U2's Beautiful Day and let's get on with the Spring Time Tee adventure!

Let's start our search for the Best Tees by scoping out the Perfect Tees & Henleys and...

the Vintage V-neck selection.

Soooooo many choices, what to try first?  So, we grabbed a variety of shades and styles and heading to the dressing rooms for some model quality runway-like action.

Elizabeth feeling sunny and free
in a bright yellow Henley
Rocking the Henley/Tami combo
in Bawlmer Orioles colors  
 Best Baseball tee calls for a Best Baseball pose.
             Batter Up!

Elizabeth is feeling the power of a pink Vintage V-neck Tee, after finding a more perfect fitting size

Hmmm... these stripes look rather nice

Wait?  Am I seeing Double?!?!
I guess two great minds thing alike when considering the Best Tees!

Same tee, different ways to wear it:
By itself or layered with another vintage vneck


Feeling a little Blue in our Baseball tees... not available from the rack in our sizes


We're not twins, but we have some sort of twin-sync when it comes to Best Tees


Here's a recap of my Best Tee Choices (btw - it was a hard decision)
Vintage V-necks that layer
perfectly with a white v-neck
Henleys paired with a comfy Tami

Batter Up with Baseball tees

And the finalists of the Old Navy Best Tee Search......

*special thanks to the Modelquins for helping with the final decisions